Psychoanalysis & Clinical Psychology

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Practice Services offered:

Individual Psychotherapy

PsychotherapyMy approach is warm, relational, and collaborative. Psychoanalytic pychotherapy is a form of talk therapy aimed to help you develop greater self-awareness, self-understanding, and the capacity for self-reflection. This allows you to cope with problems and deal with the realities of your current life situation and make changes.

By working together, I can help you to:

  • Improve relationships
  • Increase self awareness
  • Deal with the emotional difficulties that are interfering with you leading a more productive and satisfying life
  • Deal with or resolve ambivalence about making changes in both your personal and professional life
  • Overcome blocks in creativity and increase production

Making the decision to seek psychotherapy takes courage and motivation. You may feel ambivalent, have thought about it for a long time, or your life has reached a crisis point. I offer a free initial phone consultation to help you determine how best to proceed. Our first appointment will be to evaluate together if I’m a good match and believe that I can be helpful. If you would like to set up an initial consultation please contact me by phone at 503-827-4800.


Psychoanalysis is an intensive and unique method of talk therapy for people who want a more in-depth experience of understanding their relationship patterns, emotions, and behaviors. Usually they have benefitted from a previous psychotherapy, or are currently in individual therapy and want to come more frequently. I believe the source of many problems in our personal lives and the greater world stems from a sense of isolation and disconnection from others. This can interfere with the kind of life we would like to create and live.

It’s not a simple undertaking to relinquish parts of ourselves, behaviors that we have relied on for years that cease to serve us. The thought of doing so can evoke fear of change, fear of being accountable, fear of the unknown, and the fear that it will take too much work.

Psychoanalysis is not just aimed at a specific problems or relieving symptoms. It is designed to expand and help resolve the deeper issues. It entails meeting (3-5 times a week) and talking as openly as possible about your fears, feelings, thoughts, relationships, and dreams. Increased frequency of sessions allows deeper access to your interior world and access between conscious awareness and the unconscious. Having access to complex unconscious behaviors or material enables you to reflect on your past (historical origins) and provides another lens to view how this has impacted your development. You will be able to discover how these factors affect your relationships and behavior.

The factors that you may be aware of are of those that create different kinds of symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, panic sleep, mood changes, weight loss, obsessive thoughts. They may appear in the form of difficulties in work, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and creativity, loss of direction and problems in relationship. If you would like to set up an initial consultation please contact me by phone at 503-827-4800.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapyIn couples therapy, my aim is to create a safe and trusting space, which will help you and your partner or spouse, understand the nature of the problems in your relationship. I can help you explore the conflicts, hidden fears, and vulnerabilities, that may be contributing to your conflicts. Relationship issues are often emotionally charged, and without knowing it couples, can be shaming, critical, blaming, and only able to see their own perspective. I will help you learn productive ways of communicating your concerns, vulnerabilities, and listening to one another.

It can be both wonderful and painful to be in relationship because of all the life challenges thrown our way. Without awareness, we bring our own histories, expectations, and beliefs into our relationship. Problems in relationship often occur in times of change and stress such as, the birth of a new baby, financial struggles, infertility issues, change of job, relocation, death in the family, elderly care, affairs, or decreased sexual interest. All of these circumstances may put a strain on a relationship, put the relationship at risk.

By changing the way you listen and communicate, your relationship will begin to improve. You will be able to communicate your understanding of the problems effectively, and gain insights about yourself as well as you partner. This will bring more relationship satisfaction.

In Couples Therapy I can help you:

  • Recapture the intimacy and loving feelings that brought you together
  • Approach the ambivalence you may have about staying or leaving
  • Improve communication as a couple and as a parent
  • Resolve conflict and moving forward
  • Help you take responsibility for your behavior and concerns
  • Improve intimacy and helping you talk about your fears, desires, needs, and hopes

If you would like to set up an initial consultation please contact me by phone at 503-827-4800.

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis for Visual and Performing Artists

Psychotherapy and PsychoanalysisI offer psychoanalytic psychotherapy to artists and writers to facilitate creativity and to help with difficulties that interfere with their emotional lives and work. The artists that I see in my practice are: dancers, painters, musicians, singers, and actors. The unconscious plays a major role in the act of creation. The process of making art may be viewed as a means of giving expression to, and dealing with, various psychic pressures.

Artists enter therapy with a wide array of problems including: depression, pain, stage fright, concerns about aging, writer’s block, stuck in repetitive patterns, blocks in creative thought, and career changes. Authentic self-expression and emotional responsiveness are common threads both in artistic work and in therapy that enable individuals to deal with their inner conflicts and personality issues.

Artists also face unique challenges such as public scrutiny and evaluation of their performances and creative work. As a result there is high potential  for psyche injury. Artists also can struggle with economic problems that may clash with everyday demands of life. This may put a strain on their interpersonal relationships. It may take years for an artist to actualize their full potential causing them to lose faith and hope while pursuing their careers. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis can contribute to the artist vitality and the creative process as a whole. It also may provide the artist with more emotional aliveness in their personal life. If you would like to set up an initial consultation please contact me by phone at 503-827-4800.

Consultation to Therapists

Consultation to therapistsI provide consultation to therapists including psychologist, psychiatrist, social workers, nurse practitioners, and doctoral and masters level students in training.

My experience is that many practitioners benefit from having a highly trained and skilled analyst to consult with about their practices or cases. I believe that continued consultation, education, and training in the mental health field is for a lifetime. If you would like to set up an initial consultation please contact me by phone at 503-827-4800.