Psychoanalysis & Clinical Psychology

2188 SW Park Place Suite 205
Portland OR 97205

I am a trained Psychoanalyst and a Clinical Psychologist licensed in the State of Oregon with over 30 years of experience.

I offer psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to adults, couples, groups and case consultation to practicing therapists.

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I draw on my thirty years of experience in psychoanalysis and clinical psychology to offer the best treatment plan for individuals and couples who are ready to address their challenges. The impetus for therapy is as unique and diverse as the people who seek it. People come to me for a wide array of personal and social problems. Sometimes it’s for a crisis such as an impending divorce, fear and anxiety, relationship problems, major loss, a lack of desire, motivation, and direction. It may also have to do with global concerns and injustices in an ever changing world, or unfluctuating felt sense that something is wrong.

Even when problems are clear, they may not be solvable on your own. You may benefit from a highly trained, understanding therapist who will listen carefully, and offer another perspective as you delve into your concerns. A therapist is in your corner and can help you cope, explore, and reflect on the nature of your problems resulting in you living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is another form of talk therapy. My approach is warm, non-judgmental and collaborative. The focus is to help you develop greater self–awareness, self-understanding, and the capacity for self-reflection. This allows you to cope with problems and deal with the realities of your current life situation and make changes. Read more.


An intensive form of talk therapy for people who often have distress that has been long standing and want a more in-depth experience. Usually they have benefit from previous psychotherapy. I believe that the source of many problems in our personal lives and the world stems from a sense of isolation and disconnection from others and the kind of life we would like to create. Read more.

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, my aim is to create a safe and trusting space, which will help you and your partner or spouse, understand the nature of the problems in your relationship. I can help you explore the conflicts, hidden fears and vulnerabilities that may be contributing to your conflicts. Relationship issues are often emotionally charged and without knowing it, couples can be shaming, critical, blaming and only able to see their own perspective. I will help you learn productive ways of communicating your concerns, vulnerabilities, and listening to one another. Read more.

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis for Visual and Performing Artists

I have a special focus working with artists and offer psychoanalytic psychotherapy to facilitate creativity and to help with difficulties that interfere with the emotional lives and work of performing and creative artists. The artist that I see in my practice are: dancers, painters, musicians, singers, and actors.  The unconscious plays a major role in the act of creation. The process of making art may be viewed as a means of giving expression to, and dealing with, various psychic pressures. Read more.


I provide consultations to licensed mental health practitioners including psychologist, psychiatrist, social workers, nurse practitioners and master level counselors. My experience is that many mental health practitioners benefit from having a highly trained and skilled analyst to consult with about their practices or cases. I believe that continued consultation, education and training in the mental health field is for a lifetime. Read more.